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Testing Equipment

" Thank you very much for coming out with a product that rescued me from every TV Repairman's worst nightmare. CAP ANALYZER 88A came through and through, in circuit, out of circuit...I am thankful for a product of that caliber. Now I can do away with the CAPACITOR WIZARD... THANK YOU, AGAIN. Keep up the good work." - Bill from Alberta, Canada.

" Thank you for a really fine product. We received our EDS88A capacitor checker today. I had a circuit board from an obsolete converter and almost all the electrolytics were very impressed with the quality and functionally of the unit. I am sure this unit will help us in our repairs of cable converters. " - Time Warner Cable, Bakerfield, CA.

" I did not believe it, even after I read the reviews by the other shops, but I ordered it my way and is the best thing since Pepsi Cola. I fixed two tough dogs the first day. " - Video TV And Appliance, Tarboro, NC.

" I have used my CAP ANALYZER 88A for about two months now, and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with this meter. I have fixed power supply in less than 1 hour with it. " - HAPPY IN PENNA, Tony (Hobbyist).

" This is the best piece of test equipment I have ever bought for capacitors. " - TV Doctor, Glen Burnie, MD.

" I like the speed, accuracy, and additional income from sales of more capacitors, and the satisfaction of knowing you've eliminated all bad capacitors. " - Electronic Service Depot, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

" I've been using the Sencore Z meter. I had a tough dog (TV) and no schematic, and I had given up...when my Cap Analyzer came in, I tried it and found 3 bad caps; it paid for half its cost. " - Saxton Electronic, Postdam, NY.

" Your Cap Analyzer is much more accurate than my Creative Electronics ESR meter... less false reading... very quick to use. I have recommended it to many other shops. " - D&D Electronics, Pueblo, CO.

" Found a big difference when accuracy in comparing the Cap Analyzer to my Creative Electronics analog type to test for shorted caps, better probes. Have not had any "in-circuit" conditions that have fooled it yet. " - Radio Shack, Billings, MT.

" I've used your Cap Analyzer for six months... I like it more than my Creative Electronics ESR meter because of its auto discharges and DCR manual threshold setting features, and especially its automatic testing. " - Circuit City, Hicksville, NY.

" The EDS-88 is fast and finds the bad caps in circuit every time... my most valuable time-saving troubleshooter. Replaced Sencore LC102 7 months ago. " - Riley Electronics, Warner Robins, GA.

" How easy it is to use - 15 minutes after reading instructions, I had fixed the VCR power supply. I like it more than B&K and Tenma meters. " - Stan's Place, Arcadis, FL.

" The speed and accuracy of checking caps in-circuit helped me solve 2 problems on IBM monitors... it's a great tool. " - Stateside Data, Greensboro, NC.

" I like the EDS-88 than the Cap Wizard and the Tenma because of the automatics in-circuit testing. " - General Audio Electronics, Marietta, CA.

" Cap analyzer is easy to work with, saves pulling caps out of the PCB... the little sucker works." - A-1 TV/Deville Satelite, Donalsonville, GA.

" The Cap Analyzer replaced my Tenma, Micronta, and Heathkit testers... I like your best of ease of use, speed, and so far it has been 100% right every time. The feature I like the most is that it test caps without having to discharge them first. " - Days's TV Marietta, OH.

" After receiving my Cap Analyzer, I showed it to my college teacher... he bought one and has since recommended the Cap Analyzer to others. " - Chuck Ganze (student) Baytown, TX.

" I like the Cap Anlyzer more than my Mastech for in-circuit evaluation tests. " - Arbutus TV, Arbutus, TX.

" Your unit is very good for the cost..replaced a Sencore LC102, more realistic on ESR readings. " - TCL Electronics, Brooksville, FL.

" My Cap Analyzer is easier to use and more efficient than my Sencore LC102. I definitely like the combination of features and small package size. " - Adirondack Electronic Service, Ft. Edward, NY.

" Great for testing caps in recording consoles... the auto discharge feature is impressive. " - Howard Schwartz Recording, New York, NY.

Monitor Blur Buster

" Easy to install, installation is an instant. Blurring problem never occurred again after installment. With MBB, display is sharper like before or even better. " - Quantum Quest Computer Repairing And Services.

" Time is money. The MBB is simple, fast and easy to be installed into any models of 14" & 15" monitors. It's also economic and reliable. " - Nation-Craft Services, K.L.

" We are pleased to inform that most of the blur monitor problem can be solved by the MBB. It is cost effective, reliable and easy to use. Therefore, we highly recommend this product. " - GW Computers and Electronics Services, K.L.

" MBB…. somehow I feel that it should have been introduced since day one of my repairing career. It has certainly improved my image towards repairing monitors besides boosting my clientele confidence in my skills of repairing. It definitely contributes substantially to my business profitability. " - Cmos Computer
Repairing & Services, K.L.

" MBB helped my company to increase its turnover by reducing the beyond-repair rate. I am extremely satisfied with its performance. " - Technical Manager, Sabah.

" Unbelievable! My profit increased tremendously ever since I used the MBB. It saved me time and there is no more hassle in searching for a specific flyback transformer! " - Technical Director, K.L.

" I have previously sent most monitors back to my client due to flyback problem. But thanks to the MBB, I am now able to solve this problem. Sigh! Just imagine, I will be losing several thousands of dollar without this MBB. " -Technical Director, Johor.

" The MBB is so reliable that no monitors were returned after installation. " - Part time repairer, Ipoh.


" What a great service you people run in KL. This IC arrived at my premises just 4 days after ordering. " EXCELLENT! I will certainly recommend to my technical associates! Johny Griffiths (Brisbane, Australia).

" I just want to let you know that the chip ordered arrived last Friday. I was very pleased that the delivery to reach Malta took only 5 working days. Thank you very much for your co-operation. " Steve Vella (MALTA).

" I would like to thank you. The IC's arrives perfectly and worked on replace and the book has been extremely useful to me. " Rafael Olivia (Argentina).

" I really think you offer a lot of products that I can take advantage of and I want to do business with you. "- Clinton Chandler (Barbados, West Indies).

" I'm very happy; because I have received the capacitors I've bought from the internet!! Thank you very much for your effort and interest in solving my problem!! I hope to buy more product of yours!! " Francesc Miro i Pons (Spain).


" The printer workshop is just EXCELLENT! " - Meor Abdul Rahim (Computer Dealer) (Kuala Kangsar).

" Attending Noahtec's workshop just for few days are much better than attending a 3 year full-time in Electronic Diploma course! " - Azami Rashid (Computer Dealer) (Kedah).

" After completing Noahtech's Advanced Practical Monitor Repairing workshop, I must say I should have known Noahtec earlier! " - Mohd Isa (Monitor Repair) (Gombak).

" I was suprised by the fees charged and I realised that the support and services Noahtec's workshop provide is just what I need! " - Chee Keng Chiew (Hobbyist) (PJ).

" I managed to fix my own electronic project kits, measure electronic components and I can now start repairing a monitor and printer after attending Noahtech's workshop!! " - Wanchalerm Taengkasem (Student) (Thailand).

" This is the best workshop I've ever attended and I've already obtained my return on invesment through to repairing monitors!! " - Mohamad Che Mamat (TV Repairer) (Kelantan).


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