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Just 7 SIMPLE steps and you're DONE!

1. Point the mouse over on the Products button, and you'll see a drop down menu. Choose on the options 
    of the products menu that you prefer to view further into.
2. If you wish to order a product, simply click on  button or  (add to cart) button and from there 
    you will be proceed to our shopping cart section.

3. You shall see a brief description of the product and navigation menus on your right hand side. Click on 
      Add to cart  and you can see the cart is fill with products  in Your Cart Menu, listed with number 
   of item that you have added into the cart as well as the total price.


4. If you would like to purchase other products, you can:
   (a) Go to Categories Menu on your right side and click on the categories and repeat step number 3.


   (b) If you want full description regarding the products, click on logo or NOAHTECH 
        COMPUTER REPAIRING & SERVICES, to go back to our mainpage.


5. If you would like to confirm the order, click on Checkout  or click check out in Your Cart Menu.

6. There are 3 steps to take to complete the order, which is:

    STEP 1
        Check your order details. If you wish to edit the quantity you may do so and remember to click on 

        For New Member
        You proceed with entering your personal details, billing address, shipping address, contact information 
        and login information. Select Noahtech Members in the Signup for membership column. 
        If you do not wish to be a Noahtech Member, select Not Member and leave the login information blank.

         For Noahtech Members
         You can login by entering your username and password in either one of the menu .

     STEP 2  
         After you've entered the details required, the shipping charges will be calculated for you accordingly
         to your shipping location. At the moment, we only have 1 delivery mode that is Fedex International 

        Choose your payment method either by Credit Card or Telegraphic Transfer/Wire Transfer. 
        If you choose to pay by credit card, we accept:-    


       Else if you choose Telegraphic Transfer/Wire Transfer payment method, you shall take down
       Noahtech Bank Details so that you can transfer the total amount into our account first before
       we deliver the products to you. If you have further enquiries please contact us in the help 
       menu. But in the mean time you need to complete the order.

   STEP 3            
       Make sure all the details are correct and valid. If it is invalid, you can modify again else click on 
       Submit order .


7. You will proceed to a secure credit card transactions provided from 2CheckOut. 
     Enter your credit card details and click on  and you're done!
    A notification email will be send to your email account containing the order details.
    For more information about Secure Socket Layer (SSL) please click here.            

Some FAQs to answer your doubts...

What information is contained in the orders that are sent to Noahtech and customer?  
Noahtech and the customer will receive complete details of the products, prices and quantities purchased along with any applicable shipping charges and the total value of the purchase. The email will contain the customer's name, address, email address and an order number for reference. Also contained in the email is Noahtec's contacts and web site information so customer can contact us as needed. Which credit cards does 2CheckOut accept?
2CheckOut currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club and JCB and derivatives of those brands. Apart from credit card, what other payment mode that is allowed? You can use telegraphic transfer/wire transfer, but before using this service kindly email to Noahtech personally at this email address:- We at Noahtech will make some arrangement and will notify you once the service is confirmed. Can 2CheckOut bill in different currencies?
All charges are displayed in US $. Banks and the credit card companies will automatically do a currency conversion to the cardholders' native currency. If your question is not answered kindly contact us.
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