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As a Noahtec Team Affiliate, you will find that we are highly motivated and truly dedicated to your success. We want to send you a check every month, and we want to work with you to help you succeed.

Here are just some of the reasons why you have to join our Affiliate Program …

• You don’t need a website to join, unlike most Affiliate Programs that only accepts affiliate 
   that publish their own website, we feel that everyone should be given the opportunity to be 
   part of the Noahtec Team Affiliate Program.
• 100% FREE to join and there is no hidden fees, registration fees and monthly quotas.
• We offered two-tier Affiliate Program - - A two-tier Affiliate Program rewards affiliates for 
   “recruiting” new affiliates into our network. For more information about the two-tier Affiliate 
   Program, please go to the Affiliate FAQs page.
• There are a number of easy ways to earn commissions:
    -Place banner ads for our site
    -Place buttons for our site
    -Place affiliate links to our site
    -Send simple text links to your friends or subscribers through your email
    -And more …
• Free service and support; email us at supportaffiliate@noahtec.com if you experience any 
  problem because we want to work with you to help you succeed.
• You’ll be promoting a unique, high-demand products that are not available anywhere else 
  on the web. This is a good opportunity for you to market our products and earn money.
• Prospect tracked for 1 year and full commissions paid. That’s mean you get credit for the 
  sale even if the visitor you refer doesn’t buy immediately, one month or even eleven 
  months! Most affiliate programs only pay you if the visitor buys the product immediately 
  during the same browser session.
• The visitors you refer are tracked by our sophisticated affiliate program. This means that 
   you are guaranteed to get credit for the sale (no lost commissions – a common problem 
   on many affiliate programs).
• You get access to live statistics online (Real time) to check on your earnings. Simply type 
   in your username and password to log on to your account. It’s that simple.
• You receive notification by e-mail every time you earn a commission.
• Your pay checks are guarantee to sent out first week of every month.
• Free variety of affiliates tools. This will make you easy to promote our products.

Become an affiliate today, it’s easy, FREE and we provide all the help you’ll ever need to make this a success. Click here now to get started.

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