BASIC Stamps and Accessories, LCDs, Robotics, Animatronics, PIC, Ubicom and ROM Development Tools by Milford Instruments Ltd


Books, Articles and Development tools for PIC.


Projects with the PIC microcontroller.


In-circuit serial programmer for PIC16F87X.


PIC-PS/2 mouse interfacing and communication.


Connecting a microcontroller to RS-232 and PS/2 ports.


Mixture of electronic hardware and software development tools.


David Tait’s PIC archive.


Programmer for wide range of PIC and EEPROM chip.


PIC16F877 / 16F874 Development Board.


Specialized in modular microcontroller based hardware and software for PIC.


The World’s Largest Range of Atmel / AVR and PIC micro Hardware and Software.



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